Give A Labor Mate A Job, Conduct Another Interview!

30 Apr 2007 archivemedia

A Rann Government review of Advanced Directives, such as granting power of attorney to a relative to manage financial and medical affairs is nothing more than a government excuse to give one of its Labor mates a job.

Shadow Health Minister Vickie Chapman said she was concerned that trying to simplify Advanced Directives into a ‘one size fits all’ package wouldn’t solve the complexities of different circumstances.

“There are different Advanced Directives for different situations for good reason,” Ms Chapman said.

“You can’t roll the Advanced Directive for medical power, enduring power of guardianship, enduring power of attorney for financial decisions and anticipatory direction for instructions about end of life treatment altogether. They are distinctly different directives for distinctly different situations.

“This government doesn’t need to conduct a review on the processes regarding Advanced Directives, they need to make hard decisions such as requiring the mentally ill to undertake rehabilitation.

“Studies have clearly documented the link between drug and substance abuse and mental health conditions.

“The longer that the mentally ill are left in the community with no support, the greater risk they pose to themselves and the community.

“Instead of giving Martyn Evans a job reviewing Advanced Directives the Rann Government should be making the hard decisions to help those in our community battling with mental illness.”

Shadow Mental Health Minister Michelle Lensink also questioned the need for yet another review.

“Ian Bidmeade conducted an exclusive review into mental health for the Rann Government two years ago and we are still waiting for the findings to be acted upon,” Ms Lensink said.

“This government needs to stop wasting taxpayers’ money conducting reviews which it fails to act on time and again.”