Gago fails to guarantee the future of Glenside

15 Oct 2006 archivemedia

Mental Health Minister Gail Gago has failed to rule out the closure of mental health beds at Glenside, Shadow Minister for Mental Health Michelle Lensink said today.

Speaking to media on World Mental Health Day Minister Gago would not rule out any further closure of mental health beds at Glenside admitting the government has shifted services and would continue to do so.

Ms Lensink said this further highlighted the Rann Government’s ‘master plan’ for Glenside includes winding down mental health treatment services in favour of turning the facility into a drug and rehabilitation centre.

“Minister Gago continues to talk up reviews into mental health however we are still yet to see any proof that this government intends on using Glenside Hospital for acute mental health treatments,” Ms Lensink said.

“The only confirmation of additional services at Glenside has been the announcement of rural and remote unit beds which should really be out in the regional communities where they are needed, not in the city.

“The Opposition is aware of past negotiations between a local business and the Rann Government about purchasing a parcel of the Glenside campus.

“In Parliament, Health Minister John Hill declined to confirm if he was aware of any negotiations for the sale of Glenside land, handballing the issue to Minister Gago.

“The Rann Government did the backflip of backflips during the election by committing to keeping Glenside open. They now have to deal with a facility that they don’t want and don’t think our community needs.

“Many people within the mental health sector have expressed their concerns over ward closures and the current state of Glenside. This government continues to disregard South Australians with a mental illness.

“They are on a mission to move all patients out into community care and sell off valuable real estate before alternatives are in place.

“The Rann Government needs to confirm exactly what it intends to do with Glenside and stop playing smoke and mirror games with the South Australian public.”