Encouraging the community to support female-led Adelaide Fringe Acts

07 Mar 2019 newsmedia

The State Government is encouraging the community to support female-led Adelaide Fringe acts in the lead up to International Women’s Day on Friday.

There are a host of female-led shows on the Adelaide Fringe program in genres including Cabaret, Theatre, Music, Dance and Comedy. Latest statistics from the Adelaide Fringe show there is still a gender disparity between female versus male comedy acts at the annual festival, however more females are performing this year than ever before:

2017: 42 female, 124 male
2018: 70 female, 136 male
2019: 72 female, 167 male

“It’s very encouraging to see there are so many wonderful women-led shows on the Adelaide Fringe program and I urge the community to consider supporting one of these shows in the final few weeks of the Fringe,” said Minister Lensink.

“It’s International Women’s Day on Friday so there is no better time to support these creative hardworking and undeniably talented women who have come from all over Australia – and the world– right here to perform in Adelaide. We’re spoilt for choice.

“The #metoo movement means that women are more empowered to speak their minds and doing so through the Adelaide Fringe is a unique means of self-expression.”

Adelaide Fringe director and chief executive Heather Croall said it was fantastic so many all-female comedy acts were taking part in the program this year, including 2019 Ambassador Judith Lucy.

"The femme and female-driven comedy performances cover a diverse range of offerings — from a one-woman show about borderline personality disorder to a number of women making their debut as stand-up comedians in this year’s Fringe,” said Ms Croall.

“Our festival is all about inclusivity and celebrating all forms of artistic expression, so it’s wonderful to see a growing number of artists from all walks of life registering events.”

“We live in an exciting time where the balance is tipping - how delightfully refreshing is it to hear witty acerbic hilarious women deconstructing all this and sharing views of the world through a female lens,” said Adelaide comedian, Anya Anastasia, who is performing in this year’s Fringe.

“Some of the very best in the biz are female, this is nothing new, but the orientation of the spotlight is, and I'm loving that from on and off the stage.”