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Emergency Services Levy

A question put forward to the Hon. P. HOLLOWAY regarding emergency services levy.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK:

1. Can the Treasurer advise all costs associated with Revenue SA’s collection of the Emergency Services Levy for the financial years—

(a) 2002-2003;

(b) 2003-2004; and

(c) 2004-2005?

2. What was the total amount collected for the financial years—

(a) 2002-2003;

(b) 2003-2004; and

(c) 2004-2005?

The Hon. P. HOLLOWAY: The Treasurer has provided the following information:

RevenueSA’s collection costs for the fixed property component of the Emergency Services Levy are as follows:

2002-03 $6.796 million

2003-04 $6.084 million

2004-05 $5.676 million (estimated)

Levy collections from fixed property comprise amounts paid by private and government owners of fixed property, together with remissions and concessions paid by government. Detail on the breakdown of fixed property levy collections is as follows:



                                                                                                       2003-04   2003-04   Estimated

ESL on fixed property                                                                          Actual      Actual      outcome

comprises                                                                                            $m           $m           $m

Levy paid by private property owners                                                     51.3         55.2         61.0

Levy paid by government property owners                                              0.7           1.8           1.9

Remission and pensioner concession costs paid by government                 65.8         70.3         67.6

Total collections on fixed property                                                          117.8       127.3       130.5

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