Domestic Violence Scheme offers support to South Australians at risk

01 Aug 2019 newsmedia

Nearly 200 requests for information have been made in the first eight months of the trial of the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme.

The Scheme began taking applications in October last year, with 186 requests lodged for information as at 30 June.

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman said that just under a third of the applications came from people living in regional areas.

“Of the 186 requests, 60 per cent came directly from the person in the relationship, while the others came from a concerned third party,” Ms Chapman said.

“40 per cent involved a current partner, while the remainder related to a former partner."

“A total of 124 of these matters met the eligibility criteria for disclosure.”

Minister for Human Services, Michelle Lensink said the number of applications made in under a year proved just how much this scheme was necessary.

“The fact that over half of the applications involved a potential disclosure to people at risk is a sobering thought, highlighting that the risk of domestic violence remains all too prevalent in our community,”
Minister Lensink said.

“It highlights why schemes such as the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme are so important – they provide crucial information to those who may be at risk of domestic violence.

“Importantly, all applications are referred to Women’s Safety Services for assistance and support – regardless of whether a risk has been identified."

“This ensures that support is available to people who may have otherwise never sought help.”

Assistant Minister for Domestic and Family Violence Prevention said it was great to have the scheme secured for the next financial year.

“This year’s budget committed funding for the Scheme, until the end of June 2020, ensuring more people can access this vital information before it’s too late,” Assistant Minister Power said.

Applications under the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme can be made by a person concerned about their relationship or by a family member, friend or service provider who has concerns for the safety of a person aged 17 or older.

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