Disability Action Plan

31 May 2005 questionsarchive

I seek leave to make a brief explanation before asking the Minister for Industry and Trade a question about the disability action plan in his department.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK: The document promoting independence disability action plans is, as the Hon. J. Weatherill, Minister for Disability, says, about demonstrating that the government is serious about addressing disability discrimination at all levels of the public sector. Each department is required to report against five separate criteria: access to services, information being inclusive, disability awareness, consultation and complaints processes, and compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act and the Equal Opportunity Act. This is the current one dated December 2004, and it is the fourth progress report. Under the minister’s department, it states:

Development of a new disability action plan is pending the development of a new DTED corporate strategic plan and the new disability action plan will incorporate revised action and communication strategies under a review of practices in line with the new agencies services and structure. DTED continues to make available the former agencies’ facilities, information and services to the business community and the general public that are considerate and responsive to people with disabilities.

My questions to the minister are:

1. When will the new DTED corporate strategic plan be finalised, and what are the delays to it?

2. When will the new disability action plan be revised, and why are there delays to that as well?

The Hon. P. HOLLOWAY (Minister for Industry and Trade): I will seek that information for the honourable member and bring back a reply.

Monday 12 September 2005

In reply to Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK (31 May).

The Hon. P. HOLLOWAY: The Department of Trade and Economic Development, as with other government agencies, is realigning its Corporate Plan with the South Australia Strategic Plan and in light of other recent strategies such as the State Infrastructure Plan, Export Strategy and Manufacturing Strategy. The Corporate Plan for 2005-06 will be completed early in the 2005-06 financial year.

The timing of the development of a new departmental Disability Action Plan has been contingent on the comprehensive review of HR management undertaken for the new agency in 2004. The Chief Executive approved the DTED HR Management Plan incorporating a complete review of HR information and resources on the workforce planning and workforce culture strategies requiring rejuvenation of equity and diversity policies and planning, and writing of a complete set of HR policies and procedures.

This policy review schedule established an Equity and Diversity policy, the first draft of which was completed in March 2005. The policy requires the completion of a Disability Action Plan, which is currently underway. In line with the Promoting Independence reporting framework for State Government, the draft DTED Disability Action plan has based strategic outcomes for disability on the five key areas which government departments are required to address, namely:

1. access

2. information

3. awareness

4. consultation and complaint processes

5. legislative compliance

I am advised that the department's new draft Disability Action Plan is expected to be completed early in the new financial year following consultation with stakeholders.

The 2003 Promoting Independence: Disability Action Plan's report identified the importance of disability awareness and discrimination training, and DTED's resource commitment to the progress of opportunities and services in the disability area is reflected in participation on the Promoting Independence Sub-Committee which launched the Disability Awareness Training Program in December 2004.