D-Day for Mt Barker

04 Feb 2011 newsarchivemedia

Parliament’s Environment, Resources and Development Committee is today expected to vote on Labor’s reckless decision to expand urban development in Mt Barker against the wishes of the local community.

The Committee will take evidence from the Department of Planning and Local Government.

Despite overwhelming opposition to the plan from the Mt Barker community the State Government has decided to push ahead with the proposal instead of listening to needs of people who live in the area.

Shadow Environment Minister Michelle Lensink said that Labor has forced the final long term growth plan for Mt Barker upon the community against their wishes, blatantly ignoring the concerns of local residents.

“This arrogant city-centric Government is planning to more than double the population of Mt Barker but they have completely failed to listen to the local community,” Ms Lensink.

“Residents can expect increased freight traffic, with twice as many trucks and cars coming down to the city via one access route. Road safety and public transport simply hasn’t been addressed.

“Without thorough planning and appropriate infrastructure and services it is irresponsible to ramp up population numbers against the will of the community.

“While the State Liberals are certainly not opposed to development we believe that population growth should be well considered, sustainable and in the best interests of residents.

“Mt Barker is home to a vast amount of valuable, productive, agricultural land that strongly contributes to our State’s food security. You don’t want to cover these areas in concrete.

“Food security is a huge issue for SA and it’s important that we protect the rich environments that support our population, provide export income and attract tourism to SA.

“Labor is so busy fighting between themselves they cannot focus on the real issues affecting South Australia.”