Michelle Lensink

Correctional Services, Visiting Inspectors

A question put forward to the Hon. CARMEL ZOLLO regarding visiting inspectors in prisons.

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK: As at 30 June 2006:

1. How many visiting inspectors were employed to visit prisoners; and

2. How many prisoners does each visiting inspector visit per week?

The Hon. CARMEL ZOLLO: I am advised that:

1. The Department for Correctional Services has 25 Visiting Justices of the Peace (Visiting Inspectors).

2. All prisons are visited each week by one visiting inspector.

However, because of its size, two inspectors usually visit Yatala Labour Prison. Currently, Cadell Training Centre is visited fortnightly by a Visiting Inspector. On average, the Visiting Inspectors speak with in excess of 10 prisoners during each visit.

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