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Contribution to the Statutes Amendment (Transport online transactions and other matters) Bill

Contribution to the Statutes Amendment (Transport online transactions and other matters) Bill.

(Continued from 20 June 2017.) 

The Hon. J.M.A. LENSINK: I rise to make a contribution on this bill, which is supported by the Liberal Party. The major purpose of this bill is to amend the interface to enable a range of online transactions to be made for the transport system, with some miscellaneous amendments also being made. The acts to be amended include the Motor Vehicles Act, Road Traffic Act, Highways Act, Heavy Vehicle National Law (South Australia) Act and Harbors and Navigation Act.

The key focus is amendments to the Motor Vehicles Act so that customer and government online transactions can be processed using more modern means, enabling, for instance, vehicle registration transfers and notices of vehicle sales to be reported online, rather than using paper forms and therefore having to be lodged in person, and new online options via EzyReg to continue in conjunction with existing paper form methods.

The government advises that there is potential for an extra half a million transactions to be made online each year. Customers will be given the option of receiving communications electronically rather than by post. Licences will be able to be renewed over the phone. Regarding standard online registrations by clients, 275,000 accounts have been set up by customers, which allow them to use direct debit as well as view their registration and demerit details.

The bill also amends provisions for the accident towing roster scheme (I did not know there was one, but anyway, the things you learn), whereby holders of tow truck certificates will no longer be required to put their certification on their clothing. The definition of bicycle is being updated to remove unicycles and scooters, which will provide consistency with the Australian Road Rules.

Amendments to the Highways Act address ambiguities regarding whether a road is a road or a public road, and certain roads will be vested in the Commissioner of Highways, so the commissioner can enter into contracts to provide commercial activities on these roads. A range of stakeholder groups were consulted by the opposition, including SAFC, SARTA, CCF, Master Builders Association of SA and Bicycle Institute of SA, and no concerns were raised by any of those stakeholders. With those remarks, I endorse the bill to the chamber. Debate adjourned on motion of Hon. J.E. Hanson.

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