Conservation Vandalism By Local Government

08 Apr 2008 archivemedia

Shadow Minster for the Environment and Conservation, Michelle Lensink has urged the City of Norwood Payneham and St Peters to rethink several aspects of its Draft Master Plan for Dunstone Grove and Linde Reserve.

Ms Lensink is backing calls by the Friends of Linde Reserve Dunstone Grove in calling on the Council to adapt its plan and retain specific aspects of high conservation value.

“This community precinct is currently used by a diverse range of groups including art and, media organisations and women’s and children’s services,” Ms Lensink said.

“It is a hub of local activity, which the Council will effectively eliminate in the interests of asset management.

“The Council is seeking to sell off the heritage listed property at 48 Nelson Street, which is the current home of 3D radio.

“It also wants to bulldoze three other historic 1880s cottages. These cottages house the Knee-high puppeteers, No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability and the Women’s Community Centre.

“Without these groups bringing numerous people into the area for community activities, the space may become a haven for nefarious activities.”

Furthermore, the Council intends removing a large river red gum as part of its plans to ‘naturalise’ the creek.

“This is a significant tree in healthy condition. Surely the creek plans can be adapted to retain this beautiful specimen?”

“While efforts to improve the amenity of the parks is to be applauded, valuable buildings should not be sacrificed in what is essentially a Council’s attempt to make cost savings.

“I urge all members of the community to express their opinion to the Council at .”

Friends of Linde Reserve Dunstone Grove also have a site at