Cappo Kicks Own Goal

15 Apr 2008 archivemedia

Monsignor David Cappo has exposed the shallow commitment of the Rann Government to real reform of mental health reform.

The Monsignor is a member of the Premier’s inner sanctum and was hand picked by Mike Rann to advise on reforms to the mental health system, Shadow Mental Health Minister Michelle Lensink said.

“Monsignor Cappo’s public lambasting of the Rann Government’s inaction is embarrassing and should be a wake up call to Mike Rann to talk less and do more,” Ms Lensink said.

“His calls for urgent action demonstrate the critical dilemma of mental health administration in South Australia.

“I too have heard numerous horror stories from people involved in the mental health system which has convinced me that the government’s rhetoric is just that – rhetoric.

“While peoples lives are in tatters and while hard working health professionals battle to meet the needs of mentally ill clients, the Rann Government is squeezing residents out of Glenside for the benefit of questionable real estate deals.

“I am taking an increasing number of calls from staff and families, who believe that this government is completely out of touch and destroying what’s left of the mental health system.

“Today, the Rann Government’s own Monsignor Cappo has backed up these claims.”