Zollo stumbles on sex offenders

21 Jun 2006 archivemedia

The Minister for Corrections Carmel Zollo has once again proven during Question Time that she has little knowledge of her own portfolio.

Today during Question Time, Minister Zollo was unable to answer three simple questions regarding the Sex Offenders Rehabilitation program which was first announced in 2003 Shadow Minister for Correctional Services Michelle Lensink said.

“On the February 25 2004, former minister the late Terry Roberts stated in Parliament that the government ‘expected that 14 specialist people will be employed to deliver the new rehabilitation programs.’

“In 2005 allegations were made that only 12 sex offenders had commenced the program Ms Lensink said.

“Today I questioned Minister Zollo several times on how many sex offenders have been through the program, how many specialist staff have been employed for the program and what the criteria for admission into the programs are.

“I have been contacted by a woman whose husband is currently serving time for a sex offence. She advised me that although he has expressed great interest in joining the sex offenders program he has been denied access, while other offenders have been placed in the program against their will.

“When I asked Minister Zollo about the criteria for program admission and further information on it she couldn’t give me a direct answer.

“This follows on from Minister Zollo’s performance last week, when she was unable to respond to basic questions from the media regarding the number of remandees in South Australia’s prisons.

“To have a Minister who obviously knows little about her portfolio and is unable to answer such questions is a disgrace. Minister Zollo needs to educate herself on the issues in correctional services and shape up her parliamentary performance.”