1000 percent increase in SA amphetamine seizures

12 May 2007 archivemedia

Mr Rann’s tough law and order policies in relation to illicit drugs are failing with a more than 1000 percent increase in the amount of amphetamines seized in South Australia in 2005-06 compared to the previous year.

The Liberals’ Substance Abuse spokesperson Michelle Lensink said the massive rise in the amount of amphetamines seized demonstrates that production and trafficking of the illicit drug is rampant in South Australia.

“The police are doing an excellent job in seizing such large amounts, but they are only getting the tip of the iceberg when it comes to illicit drug production,“ Ms Lensink said.

“If supply of amphetamines and amphetamine type substances were decreasing you would expect an exponential increase in the price of the drug, but this is simply not the case.

“The Australian Crime Commission’s Illicit Drug Data Report released today indicates that the street price for these illicit drugs is stable, indicating that there are no supply issues in meeting the current demand in South Australia.

“It’s the same sorry story when looking at the statistics for marijuana.

“There has been a 105 percent increase in the number of marijuana seizures and a 110 percent increase in the amount of marijuana seized against a national trend that showed a decline in all states.

‘Unfortunately, there has also not been a matching increase in the number of arrests in South Australia to go with this massive surge in marijuana offences.

“The Rann Government is excelling in being all talk and no action when it comes to law and order issues such as illicit drugs.

“The government must increase front line resources to the police in combating this massive rise in illicit drug production in this State.

“The government must also commit more funding to the Drug Summit which is likely to be unfunded within the next 18 months.

“Illicit drugs are destroying people’s lives and destroying families – it’s time Mr Rann backed up the talk with some actions,” Ms Lensink said.