It is an honour to represent all South Australians as the Deputy Liberal Leader of the Legislative Council. My job is to work to give you a strong and informed voice on State matters and advocate for a better future for all. We live in a democracy which encourages freedom of the individual. We can either take all this for granted or be active participants in the governance of our State and country. Please feel free to contact me or my staff if you require any assistance.

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    Preparations for Port Augusta rain

    Protecting the people of Port Augusta.

    The State Liberals want Minister Kyam Maher to detail what steps have been taken to

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    12January 2017

    World first failure at Port Augusta

    A Flinders Power Dust Management Plan for the decommissioning of the Port Augusta power station provides damaging...

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    11January 2017

    Port Augusta health crisis

    The State Liberals have released a Safety Data Sheet published by Adelaide Brighton Cement that details the health implications of...

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    07January 2017

    Building upgrade finance

    I seek leave to make a brief explanation before directing a question to the Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation on the subject of buildings...

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    07December 2016

    Statutes Amendment (Surrogacy Eligibility) Bill

    Second Reading: adjourned debate on second reading (continued from 1 December 2016).

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    06December 2016